Exquisite Monaco. State-of-the-art innovative technology. The very latest in engineering solutions. Thousands of hours of construction. Glamourous parties and exotic locations. An industry worth billions. The above can be used to describe just two things: Superyachts, and Formula 1 Cars.

The extensive design and build processes in both industries are just the beginning of where these fascinating worlds collide, more so now that Aston Martin, Bugatti, Mercedes, and Lexus are all launching themselves into the sports yacht market.

Events like the Monaco Grand Prix allow for such comparisons to be easily made when, in the weeks leading up to the race, the Port and the roads of the Principality are awash with super cars and super yachts. This now seems to be the trend; where the races are, the yachts will follow.

Just as the cars jostle for places on the track, so too do the crowds gathering to watch, oft with envy at those lucky few who are able to enjoy the race from the afts of those yachts lining the Port, providing an exclusive and luxurious view of the track, with every whim catered for by attentive crew, and not far to travel for the yacht hopping after-race parties.

Princess Yachts Monaco will be right there along with them, cheering from our private balcony overlooking the start line of the race. Being so close to the action will bring with it unadulterated excitement as these incredible machines whizz by, all enjoyed with a glass of champagne in hand and exquisitely crafted sushi.
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