Intensely passionate, highly talented, and with an artistic and stylish flair that has made Italian craftsmanship so highly sought after since the patronage of the Medici’s in the 1400s, Giovanna Locatelli is fervent in her “continuous search for beauty.” The choice of location for her first studio – Lake Como – should therefore not come as a surprise, no doubt taking inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding nature; “I love to give life to the most varied materials, inspired by what surrounds me”, the raw and earthy “metals, waxes, colours and fire…(become) my Philosopher’s Stone.”

Having studied in Milan, the global hub of fashion and design, Giovanna Locatelli evolved into an artisan whose work was propelled more by instinct than anything which could be taught. It is this natural intuition, this curiosity, that led Giovanna Locatelli instinctively to collaborate with the superyacht industry. Finding that she shared similar values with the industry, and Princess Yachts in particular – the importance of detail and true craftsmanship – the partnership was entirely logical.

“When I was a little girl I sailed on a sailing yacht from Venice for a long voyage…during the night crossing I discovered the magic dolphins with their subliminal dance following our trip. I observed the plankton at the mercy of the waves. I cried in front of the sunrise. I breathed the wind. I was filled with sky, sun, sea and silence…Inspired by so much treasure I created my first collections.”

Her emotional connection with the sea drew her to the 1984 Genoa Boat show where it could be said that Giovanna Locatelli Design was truly born, becoming notable for their stunning wooden and leather display boxes, and handcrafted furniture. Success followed, with many orders placed from shipyards and owners, her real break coming when Ginautica proposed that she set up the interiors of each of his yachts for various boat shows, as well as providing furnishing for his offices and gifts for guests during hospitality events. As she herself says, “They were ten wonderful years of collaboration, starting a binding energy with Princess Yachts”; this collaboration continues to this day, the relationship between Giovanna Locatelli and Cristina Oddone – enduring with Princess Yachts Monaco. 

The stalwart desire of Princess to maintain their strong branding of luxurious craftsmanship fit perfectly with Giovanna Locatelli’s own philosophy, creating “collections inspired by the Princess style in conjunction with the wishes of their owners – today still some of my favourite customers.” Indeed, she has often been described by others as the ‘Princess of the Sea’.
Much as Princess prides itself on being “Crafted in Plymouth” – with over 80% of each yacht being hand-built in the Plymouth shipyard – so too does Locatelli take great pleasure in the fact that she creates and produces everything in Italy; “each object is a piece of me, it embodies the same passion…nothing belongs to me, it’s a gift that I just love to share: this is Giovanna Locatelli.”

This effervescent passion has been passed onto Locatelli’s daughter, Elena, who – following her studies in Classical Architecture – has joined her mother’s side, each of their individual styles complimenting the other in the creation of that recognisable and classic ‘Locatelli-style’; refined, chic, and elegant.
Giovanna Locatelli’s curiosity in achieving beauty from pure instinct continues, her new collection “ROPE PRINCESS” showcases a new procedure in the treatment of rope, using a sophisticated method to stiffen and treat in silver – the stunning results of which were recently on view during the Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows.
Princess Yachts Monaco are a proud supporter of Giovanna Locatelli Design, and look forward to continuing the partnership with such an astute studio for years to come.
Find out more http://www.giovannalocatelli.it/